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Saree Silhouette - How to Order the Perfect Size, Length & Colour

How To Measure To Get Your Perfect Fit Video


How to Measure:

Hips: Measure the fullest part of your hip.
Waist: Measure where you intend to wear the waist of the Saree Silhouette.


For comfort fit, choose size based on min measurement (skirt when relaxed)
For tight fit, choose size closer to max measurement (skirt when stretched)

For example, if your measurements are 38" waist and 41" hip, for tight fit choose S and for comfort fit choose M.

Waist Hip
Inches Min Max Min  Max
XXS 22" 28" 28" 34"
XS 29" 34" 35" 38"
S 35" 38" 39" 44"
M 39" 42" 45" 48"
L 43" 46" 49" 53"
XL 47" 54" 54" 58"
2XL 55" 58" 59" 64"
3XL 59" 63" 65" 70"


Waist Hip
Centimetres Min Max Min  Max
XXS 56cm 73cm 73cm 88cm
XS 74cm 88cm 89cm 99cm
S 89cm 99cm 100cm 114cm
M 100cm 109cm 115cm 124cm
L 110cm 119cm 125cm 137cm
XL 120cm 139cm 138cm 147cm
2XL 140cm 149cm 1149cm 165cm
3XL 150cm 162cm 166cm 180cm


The length refers to the length of the skirt only and does not affect the other dimensions of the skirt. ie all size small skirts have the same waist and hip measurements but length will differ as below.

Extra Short 34" - recommended for 5'0" (152 cm) and under
Short 36" - recommended for 5'0" (150cm) to 5'3" (160cm)
Regular 38" - recommended for 5'3" (160cm) to 5'7" (170cm)
Tall 40" - recommended for 5'7" (170cm) and over

Still confused? Measure the length of your maxi skirt that is ankle length! When in doubt, go with the shorter length - the purpose of a Saree Silhouette when worn under a saree is to be unseen.


Black and our shades of nudes are are our most popular colours but we carry the rainbow to ensure you have a shade to match every saree in your closet!

Have questions? Please email with your waist and hip measurements and we'll be happy to help!