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It all started in Tia’s backyard, taking pictures for her Instagram community. She dreaded wearing the regular cotton underskirt with its raw drawstring waist, so she found herself reaching for her yoga pants and draping her Sarees over it.  The pleats fell beautifully, giving her the shape she was looking for – not to mention, it was SO much more comfortable!

The yoga pants worked for her photoshoots but as soon as she started moving, the Saree would come undone. She soon realized that all she needed was a skirt made out of yoga pant material but with a strong elastic AND drawstring waist to hold the Saree in place.

That’s when Tia took it upon herself to find a solution. She tested with different fabrics, designs, cuts, drawstring materials - and after months of development, the Saree Silhouette was born.

Since our Silhouette breakthrough we have vowed to bring maximum comfort, efficiency and effortlessness to our community through our products. Every item is listed with integrity and with the intention of helping you look and more importantly, feel your best - hassle-free.

We cannot wait to write the next chapter with you.

Thank you for joining the journey ❤️