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Our Picks for your Besties aka Bridesmaids

Our Picks for your Besties aka Bridesmaids

Shopping for your bridesmaids? We've got you covered! offers a wide range of stunning options for your bridal party. Our Luxe and Lace Sarees are the most popular options. Available in a variety of gorgeous colors, these sarees are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to drape. The Anna and Birthday Crop Tops are favorites as well. These comfortable sequin blouses elevate any saree look. And of course, no drape is complete without a Saree Silhouette™. Perfect for any saree fabric (including the heaviest silk sarees), the Saree Silhouette ensures a snug, comfortable fit with a secure waistband and breathable fabric. Its mermaid cut allows easy movement for walking, dancing, and sitting gracefully.

Here's some inspo from previous Tia Bhuva bridesmaids:

This bridal party wore head-to-toe Tia Bhuva complete with the Sleeveless Sequin Crop Top in Gold, Luxe Saree in Blush, and Peony Saree Silhouettes:

Sasha's bridesmaids opted for the Emerald Lace Saree draped over Emerald Saree Silhouettes, and styled with their own black blouses:

These ladies draped their silk sarees over Orchid Saree Silhouettes for a sleek and comfortable look.

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