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How To Drape A Saree | The Halter Gown Drape

How To Drape A Saree | The Halter Gown Drape
Learn how to do the Halter Gown Drape!

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Step #1:

Gather your Pallu, drape it around your neck and tuck the left end into your Saree Silhouette.

Step #2:

Wrap the right end of your saree halfway around your body and start pleating on your right side.

Step #3:

Gather pleats and tuck them into the back of your Saree Silhouette, making sure the back of your saree is laying flat against your body.

Step #4:

Grab the other end of your saree and pleat the shorter side

Step 5:

Tuck the pleats into the front of your Saree Silhouette.

Step 6: 

Add a waist chain for a more finished look.

Step 7:

And there you have the halter gown drape!