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How to Drape A Saree | The Collar Frill Drape

How to Drape A Saree | The Collar Frill Drape

Learn how to do the Collar Frill Drape!

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Step #1:

Take the non-pallu end of the saree and wrap around once and tuck it in near your belly button.



Step #2:

Bring the saree around once and gather the pallu end. Estimate how long you want the frill to be.


Step #3:

Take the end closest to you while holding the frill placement and tuck in.


Step #4:

Bring the edge of your saree to you, place your hand to the left of your belly button and start taking your front pleats.


Step #5:

Untuck that first front pleat, stagger the pleats and pin them altogether. Once you're done, tuck it into your Saree Silhouette.


Step #6:

Fold forward and tuck any fabric you have left on the sides of your waist.


Step #7:

Gather the pallu from either end and tuck it underneath your blouse and bring it over the top. *Adjust around your waist, so your comfortable with the amount of skin showing*


Step #8:

For any extra fabric left on the right side of your waist, bring it under your front pleats and tuck it into the front.


Step #9:

For the frill, you can leave as is, or make it into a little scarf by fanning out the fabric and tying a knot around your neck. There you have it, the Collar Frill Drape!


Check out the full tutorial on YouTube!