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How To Drape A Saree | The Cancan Drape (Side Pleats)

How To Drape A Saree | The Cancan Drape (Side Pleats)

Learn how to do the Cancan Drape with Back Pleats!

Products Used:

  • Rose Gold Birthday Crop Top
  • Gold Cancan Skirt
  • Waist Chain

Step #1:

Iron the entire saree before you start draping.

Step #2:

Measure the length of your pallu and then pleat it, making sure that the first pleat is a bit wider than the rest. Pin after every 3 or 4 pleats so that they don't come undone.

Step #3:

Once you're done pleating and adjusting your pallu to your liking, iron your pallu.

Step #4:

Once you're done pleating your pallu, continue on by lightly ironing the chest pleats.

Step #5:

Place the pallu over your left shoulder and bring the saree around your body to the front.

Step #6:

Grab the end of the saree and pleat until you reach your left side.

Step #7:

Stagger your pleats.

Tip: If the end of your saree is a different colour, you can hide the first few pleats behind the rest of the pleats for a uniform look.


Step #8: 

Once you're happy with your pleats, pin them and tuck them into the left side of your skirt, making sure they're the same length as your skirt.

Step #9:

Smooth down and tuck in any puffy fabric that's left over and adjust your chest pleats to your liking.

Step #10:

Add a waist chain and there you have the Cancan Skirt Drape with Side Pleats!

Check out the full tutorial on Youtube!