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How To Drape A Saree | The Bharathanatyam Drape

How To Drape A Saree | The Bharathanatyam Drape

Learn how to do the Bharathanatyam Drape!

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Tip: Depending on the type of Saree you're using, you may want to iron it before you start draping to get rid of any creases/fold lines.

Step #1:

Measure the fancy end of the saree for how long you want your front pleats.

Step #2:

Pleat the front pleat end of your saree.

Step #3:

Pin your pleats together and iron them.

Step #4:

Take the other end of your saree (this will now be your pallu) and measure how much fabric you'd need to wrap around your left shoulder and waist and tuck in.

Step #5:

Pleat and pin your pallu.

Step #6:

Stand with about 1/3 of your saree to your left (the front pleats side) and 2/3 of your saree to your right (you may need to adjust based on your body and draping style) and tie a knot at the waist.

Step #7: 

Grab the fabric between your legs and tuck it under the knot and into your Silhouette Pants.

Step #8:

Wrap the left side of the saree around your left leg then take the pleats and pull them through the knot.

Step #9:

Wrap the right part of the saree around your right leg, making sure that the saree isn't twisted, and drape the pallu over your left shoulder.

Step #10:

Pull the side of the pallu closest to your waist taut and tuck it into the back of your Silhouette Pants. Repeat with the extra fabric on the other leg.

Step #11:

Wrap the pallu around the front and tuck it into the right side of your Silhouette Pants.

Step #12:

Spread out your front pleats and pin each side to each leg.

Step #13:

And there you have the Bharathanatyam Drape!

Check out the full tutorial on Youtube!