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How to Drape A Saree | Satin Silk Off Shoulder Drape

How to Drape A Saree | Satin Silk Off Shoulder Drape

Learn how to do the Satin Silk Off Shoulder Drape!

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Step #1:

Iron the entire saree.


Step #2:

Measure the length of the pallu you need. Take the pallu over your left shoudler, bring it over your right shoulder and let it fall around your knee. *Take the saree fabric by your left waist, that'll be the marker for the length of the pallu*


Step #3:

Pleat your pallu. 



Step #4:

Tuck your saree around once. 


Step #5:

Take the other end of the saree, wrap it around you, and mark where the pallu is going to begin.


Step #6:

Once you've measure the length of your front pallu, start taking your front pleats. 


Step #7:

Set and define your hip pleats. Fold forward and tuck any remaining fabric.


Step #8:

Bring the pallu around and slightly place the left side off shoulder. Bring the rest of the pallu over your right shoulder.



Step #9:

Use a waist chain to secure the placement of the pallu. Wrap the hanging pallu around the waist chain once so it's secure in place. 

Step #10:

There you have it, the Satin Silk Off Shoulder Drape! 

Check out the full tutorial on YouTube!